Posted by: Eyecare Associates of New Orleans in Eye Health on October 4, 2022

The month of October is notable for seeing pumpkins, shorter days, and seeing the leaves beginning to change to the beautiful Fall season colors. Also, Eye Injury Prevention Month is proclaimed to emphasize the importance of preventing accidents and injury to your eyes. Did you know that 44% of eye injuries happen in the home, and about 15% of eye injuries occur in the workplace? Nearly one million people are affected annually by an eye injury, and 90% of those injuries could have been prevented if the individuals wore protective eyewear. We want to bring awareness to ensure healthy eyes by sharing tips and facts that should be a year-round concern.

What Are The Most Common Eye Injuries?

Costume Contacts and Makeup

Halloween is fast approaching, and many people will apply makeup near their eyes or wear contacts to enhance their costumes. Please remember to avoid putting makeup too close to your eyes, don’t use expired products, and don’t use costume contacts unless prescribed by your eye doctor.

Too Much Sun Exposure

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause significant damage to the eyes. The UVA and UVB harmful rays can cause corneal sunburns from overexposure. It is essential to wear sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays while raking leaves, driving, or playing sports outdoors.

Sports-related Accidents

The football season is in full swing, and for those who play that or any sport, a forceful impact can cause damage to the orbital socket and eye if the eyes are left unprotected. This is why athletes need to wear protective goggles, faceguards, and helmets. Whether playing for a league or having fun playing a sport in the backyard, always remember to wear the proper safety gear.

Chemical Exposure

Daily, we are exposed to various chemicals from cooking products, pesticides, cleaning products, and car batteries. A single splash or fumes can accidentally irritate or injure our eyes. Always wear protective glasses and follow instructions to prevent an eye injury.

How To Treat An Eye Injury?

If an eye injury occurs with you or a loved one, remember to follow the safety tips below to protect your eyes:

  • Do not rub the eye
  • Do not apply pressure
  • Flush the eye with clean water if the eye was exposed to chemicals
  • Do not remove or pull any object that may be stuck in the eye
  • Immediately seek medical attention!

Have A Safe and Happy Fall Season!

Keep your eyes healthy and safe year-round! If you are experiencing any changes in your eye health, contact us TODAY to schedule an appointment. Make sure you give your eyes plenty of love!

Thank You For Trusting Us With Your Eye Health!

References: American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometric Association. This blog provides information and discussion about eye health and related subjects. The content provided within this blog and any linked materials are not intended and should not be considered medical advice. If the reader or any person has a medical concern, they should consult with an appropriately licensed physician.

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