diagram of retinal detachment

Early treatment is essential in preventing vision loss caused by retinal tears or detachments.

Learn the warning signs! You are at greater risk if you are very nearsighted, have had a detachment before or have a family history of this problem. Prompt attention is imperative in preventing vision loss.

Symptoms of a Tear
If you have a tear, you may notice:

image example of visual tear
  • Floaters – specks or threads in your vision
  • Flashes – lights, stars, or streaks in your vision
  • Sudden blurry vision

Symptoms of a Detachment
If you have a detachment, you may notice:

  • Signs of a Tear – floaters, flashes, or blurry vision
  • Dark vision – like a curtain or veil coming down

Learn the Warning Signs
Many people see floaters from time to time; however, call your doctor immediately
if you notice any of the following:

  • The number of flashes or floaters you see suddenly increases
  • Your vision becomes blurry or dark
  • Your vision changes after a sharp blow to the eye

Preventing Vision Loss
Early treatment helps prevent vision loss from retinal tears and detachments. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any of these signs. Quick treatment is the key to preventing permanent loss of vision from these problems.

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