Eyecare Associates Named One of the
TOP 25 Laser Vision Practices in the U.S.

Once again, Eyecare Associates has been named one of the TOP 25 Laser Vision practices in the United States. Additionally, our founding physicians are recipients of the prestigious Gold Surgeon Award for the fifth consecutive year. They were chosen from more than one thousand Laser Vision affiliated surgeons. We are privileged to be the recipients of such a great honor and congratulate our doctors as well.

Eyecare Associates continues to be a leader in offering the latest technological advances available in refractive surgery. Having the latest technology is critical to achieving the best possible results. Only after these procedures are proven as effective and safe do our doctors offer these services to their patients. Our surgeons’ goal is to always provide the safest and most advanced care to their patients.

Marco EPIC Refraction System

The physicians of Eyecare Associates are continuously looking for ways to improve patient outcomes and office  efficiencies. The Marco EPIC  Refraction System is one  of  these improvements, offering greater  patient  satisfaction with refraction results and allowing more  time for technicians and physicians to focus on data  assessment, diagnosis and prescribing final correction.

We’re proud to offer the Marco EPIC Refraction System. The Marco EPIC is revolutionary technology that replaces the standard refractor and allows us to control the entire refraction process from a keypad, and move the lenses quickly and accurately without any discomfort to you. With the Marco TRS we can shorten your exam time and get a more accurate refraction.

This EPIC system uses advanced computer and infrared technologies to help evaluate your unique visual needs. The fully automated EPIC is a faster, more accurate, and patient-friendly method of performing eye exams. The entire refraction takes place without the patient or the technician leaving their chairs. Now we can obtain a comprehensive refractive analysis that previously would require at least three tests on three different machines. The 3-D Wave allows us to evaluate a patients’ entire optical system, perform refractive and cataract surgery screenings, evaluate postoperative complaints, and determine pathology diagnoses.